Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gone Fishing

I was faced with a tough decision this past weekend. I was about to spend my entire Saturday doing one of the following...

1) Going shopping with my Mum
2) Going fishing with my Dad

It was difficult to choose only one because I wanted to do both! I ended up choosing fishing. My reasons?
#1: Being a poor jobless college student = no money for shopping
#2: Being out in the sunshine fishing = getting tan
#3: I've been turing into a huge city slicker, so spending some time doing old fashion fishing should be good for me!

Lets just say that 5:45am came wayyy to early that morning! But after we packed up the cooler, hooked up the boat, we were off to Lake Jimmerson for the day!

My first catch of the day!! Haha pretty tiny but hey it took me over an hour to catch that thing!!

Decided to whip out the bandana look. I'm no fashionista, but hey it kept my hair out of my face most the day!

And of course, the classical feet
pictures of mine. It was such a relaxing day to just chill out in a boat, eat donuts, and (attempt to) catch fish. 

After we got back from our fishing trip, we butchered the fish. Living out in the country and growing up in a farming community, you would think I would have learned by now how to butcher and gut a fish properly, right? Nope. Never learned or done it before that day!

Peace Out!

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  1. I'm glad you decided to go fishing instead of shopping. The day was wonderful!! Fishing was great, but the catching was a bit slow. Still had a super time. Love dad