Thursday, June 21, 2012

Field Trip

I realized that I never blogged about a field trip my class went on this past semester. 

I took this class called 'The Artist as a Naturalist and the Naturalist as an Artist'. Quite the mouthful, huh? There were two professors teaching the class, one a Biology Professor, and one a Fine Arts Professor. The class assignments were basically drawing/sketching the nature/biology around us. The final project in the class was to go on an overnight field trip with the rest of the class (which was a total of 7 students!) 

We went to Adams County (in Ohio), which is super weird because I was raised in an 'Adams County back in Indiana! It was about a two hour drive from my college. They had trails for us to walk on, and a cabin for us to stay in. It happened to be freezing cold and pouring down raining the whole time we were there! 
Here we are listening to my professor talk about a plant. As you can see, all of us students have our sketchbooks open, frantically drawing and jotting down notes, as the professor speaks! 

This is Courtney, a great friend of mine! She graduated this past year with a major in Fine Arts, and a minor in Psychology. She is going onto graduate school to become and Art Therapist. I love that, because I wanted to study Art Therapy in school, but ended up changing my major, but thats a different story for a different time...

We found a slug!! And yes I drew a picture of him in my sketchbook! 

Since it was an overnight field trip, we all brought food for that evening's dinner. Let's just say that this was by far the best meal I have had in FOREVER (which doesn't take much, since I eat college food)!! Fresh fruit salad with blackberries, strawberries, and kiwi. Fresh green salad with mushrooms, cucumbers, eggs, peppers, and tomatoes. Grilled chicken with Montgomery Inn Sauce!! And a loaf of fresh bread toasted in the oven! Yummmm 

We three were the only traditional students in the class. The other students were all much older (like 50 or older)! So we definitely connected easier and had much more in common, which made the trip so fun! 
Sarah (left), Courtney (center), and Me (right).  

I might just say that it is a strange thing to go on an overnight field trip with classmates. But it was kinda fun! We stayed up late chatting and eating homemade brownies! Even though one professor told us to go to bed, the other professor told us we were allowed to stay up! Hahaha reminds me of how my parents are gives us roots and the other gives us wings. But a kid needs both to survive in this world. 

Peace Out! 

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