Sunday, May 27, 2012

Faceless Friday: Summer Time

I know it's not exactly Friday, but I have reasons...first I was like "I'll blog Faceless Friday now!" But then I was like "Ohh it's only Thursday, I have to wait till tomorrow." But then my whole entire life was like WHOOOOSSSHHHH and then I was like "What?! Today is Sunday?!"  

Anyway, I'm here now, so let's get on with this whole Faceless Friday thingy!  

But seriously though......IT'S SUMMER TIME!!!! 
Summer is an amazing word. It's a 3 month period where I have the freedom to walk around barefooted. The freedom to drive with the windows rolled all the way down (even though I have ac). The freedom to sleep in past 7am. The freedom to make a list of  summer activities to do. And of course, the most important...the freedom to eat as many popsicles as I want. :D 

I love being outside. Even if I'm just eating lunch, or reading a book, or painting my toenails....I go outside to do it. And currently, I am over halfway done with my romance novel. Believe it or not, but I actually started reading it LAST summer, and told myself I would continue reading it throughout the school year. Did that happen? Nope. So here I am, a whole year later and I'm finally getting around to continue reading it. I guess that's what happens when you're a jobless college student living in a internet-less apartment.         

I came back to Indiana for a long weekend to spend some time with my family and ended up spending a bit of time outside with my book! 

You will rarely find me sitting 'normally'. I guess when I'm in public I try to sit like a normal person, but when I'm by myself I usually end up curled up in some sort of odd shaped ball (see photo below). Which is also why I usually get some weirdly un-even tan lines. 

I told you I liked being barefooted! Dirty summer toes are the best! 

Hope you are all having a fabulous start to your summer! 
Peace Out! 


  1. Such cute photos - and yes, they make me eager to go outside barefoot with a glass of ice cold lemonade. Enjoy your R&R this summer!

  2. :) yay for summer! :) Love your pictures but i miss seeing you often. Hope you are enjoying your time at home.