Sunday, May 6, 2012

Finals Week

Finals Week; Noun
The most horrendous week out of the year, in which college students occupy the library to reverse the months of slacking they have done over the course of the semester. This ridiculous week involves stress, spending lots of money on junk food, getting very little sleep, stress, having pizza delivered to the library, pulling continuous all-nighters, stress, and being emotionally on edge and ready for a mental breakdown at any given moment. Did I mention stress?  

The last 2 days and next 5 days of my life consist of....
2 Art Criticism Papers
Create an Animation Video
Design a new Logo and apply it to a Poster 
Design a Packaging Design System
Create Graphics and Logo and apply them to the Package Design
2 Research Papers
31 Sketchbook Pages to fill up
1 Reflection Paper
2 Presentations (both being 10 minutes or longer)

And probably a few other projects that I will completely forget about until an hour before they are due. Anddd this is a typical evening for me during finals week....

Who is this person emailing me? Oh it's my professor. He's reminding me of what? Oh that one field trip next week. Where's this field trip at? I'm going to have to drive where?! And the reflection paper? What reflection paper? It's due when?! Why didn't he tell me sooner? Oh. Wait. What? It's been on the syllabus all semester?!  

Okay, I'm just gonna sit here and pensively stare at my computer screen so my friends around me in this lobby assume that I'm actually doing homework or trying to solve a difficult problem. Mission of 'looking intelligent' is now in full effect Go.

(said with whining voice) "My leg hurts. My tummy hurts. My fingers hurt. My head hurts. Why does everything hurt?" And why is my homework not done yet? You would think after trying this hard, something productive would have gotten done, right?

Laying down and getting comfy on the couch should help my productivity levels, right? Yeah, I think so too. Okay now to officially get started on my homework......Ohhhhhh why hello there Mr. Facebook! Haven't seen you in a whole hour! And look! You brought your friend the Twitter Machine along! And then Hotmail, and Blogs come to visit me.....

Wow. Really, Bethany? Really? It took you over 3 hours to check your emails and Facebook notifications?! Please excuse me while I wallow in self pity about my lack of homework motivation for the next few hours... 

Okay. For reals this time. Must. Do. Homework.....

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll do homework. Tomorrow will be a better day. Plus I'll have tons of motivation tomorrow, right? And if I get some sleep tonight, I'll be even more energetic to do homework!...Right? Right. Haha yeahhhhh right..... 

Don't you love my hairstyle? It's obvious I try really hard to make my hair look good during finals week.

Peace Out.  


  1. Hang in there!

  2. Hahahaha. This is totally me when I have homework to do! It's crazy how much I can procrastinate.

  3. bahahahaha i love that i can make the voices you would have in these conversations you are having with yourself hahaha.. I feel the same exact way about final weeks. We can do it though!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I'm with Mariana :) I love you. Good luck :) And, I go through the same thing.


  5. LOVE this post. and i totally remember doing this to myself as well, you're almost done though, hang in there!!! :)