Friday, April 20, 2012

Faceless Friday

Welp. It's a Faceless Friday once again. Was it just me or did this week fly bye? Because just a minute ago it was Monday morning, and now it's what? 

No big or exciting news in my life right now. Just rolling through life, taking the daily challenges as they come...the typical college homework, the drama that school brings, and making some big decisions regarding a job and apartment in Cincinnati for the summer. Fun stuff. 

Sorry this is super lame and boring. Next week will definitely be better. I just wanted to quick post before I head to bed here at 2am. I have an overnight class field trip tomorrow at 7am. Fun stuff. 

Random bangs are growing out (thank goodness!!) Plus my hair is almost down to my elbows (oh my!!)....almost 2 years ago my hair was shorter than my grows like a weed! 

"Even though everyday may not be good. There is still at least a little good in each day." 

Peace out. 


  1. so jealous. HOW do you get your hair to grow like that?!?!?!

  2. haha i have noooo idea!! it's annoying because when i get a nice hair cut, a month later it's all grown out and looks the same as it did before i even got it cut!

  3. Looking good! luv Mum