Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Art Adventures

Several field trips and class assignments have led me downtown almost every week for the past month. Which I LOVE! I really enjoy the atmosphere of downtown city, but sometimes it intimidates me. But since we were "forced" to go for class, it made downtown more fun! We went mostly to art galleries, museums, and showings. Now I want to downtown EVERY weekend! Here are some photos of the artistic journeys around downtown Cincinnati! Enjoy!

This little shop reminded me of something my Mum and Aunt Diann would love. I've gone with them to several art festivals, and they both love little shops like this! Colorful paintings, handmade scarves, natural pottery, and organic little knick knacks.

As we were walking we heard muffled singing and playing. We looked across the street and saw a young man playing his guitar while sitting on his window sill! I laughed out loud and took a few pictures of him. As we were crossing the street he yelled down at me and asked if I got a good picture or not. :)  

This place was sweet. The art on the walls was so funky and bright. All these little shops we stopped at all had brick walls and big open windows. This place was like a music studio; selling records, albums, and advertising small local bands that were going to be performing.

This was my favorite place! It was such a neat coffee shop! The walls were lined with shelves and shelves of old used books. Art books, graphic design books, photography books, travel books, garden books, and about anything else artsy you can imagine. We spent probably a good hour in there just looking at all the books! Oh and the walls also had tons of contemporary photography! The shop was ran by two hipster dudes. They sold bagels, coffee, sandwiches, and other things.

Here's the stack of books that Lisa, Stephanie, and I bought! I got a book on New York graffiti!! :D

Those hipsters can make a mean fruit smoothie!! Mango and blueberry with yogurt and orange juice blended in! :D  

Stephanie (left) and Lisa (right)
Coffee? Check. Art books? Check. Downtown? Yeahhh Buddy!!

This was seriously the cutest store EVER!! And yes, I know I've said that about all those other shops, but this was incredible. It was all vintage. And I love vintage. At least I'm starting to. It's like this new obsession for me. This place had racks and racks of old funky clothes, bins of fabric, antique buttons, dress forms, sewing supplies, thrift purses, and tons of vintage jewelry. 
 Me (below) attempting to dress all artsy and what not. Skinny jeans? Check. Camera? Check. Messenger bag? Check. Fruit smoothie? Check. Vintage shop? Check. Cheesy smile? Double check.

Goodbye downtown Cincinnati. I will be back soon. Very soon.

Peace out.


  1. I can tell that downtown is just your style - fun and creative !

  2. and Andrew wonders why i love the city. it's so fun and exciting to me. you never know what your going to find around every corner. what new clothing store, coffee shop, art gallery, or gourmet something or other will you find?! so fun and i'm so jealous of you. you in your hipster city filled with hipster coffee shop owners. sigh…and me? well i'm one lonely hipster stuck in little ol' bluffton. :'(