Saturday, March 31, 2012

This Week's Wardrobe

I love fashion. I love the different personalities that fashion brings a person. I love the fact that fashion can be mixed and matched and it still can look good. I love how fashion is an escape for someone's creative spirit.  

I also love how some fashion looks if you have a really bad fashion day and look stupid, just tell everyone that it's a fashion statement. Shhhh that's my secret. I've been doing it for years! ;) 

I love reading Fashion Blogs! They always make me want to do a 'Fashion Blog Post'...sooooo I am. I have been reading Kait's blog for awhile now, and she always looks adorable! And she's closer to my age, so we have similar tastes. I also love Kendi's blog! She blogs everyday about what she wore that day. For some reason I just love it! Even though I don't have the guts to wear what I see in magazines and fashion blogs, it still inspires me in some sort of artistic way. You ladies should definitely check out their blogs!!  

So this is what I wore this week...please ignore the funky cropping and the fuzzy pictures. These were taken in the reflection of my mirror. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I went to work, which is why I'm dressed up a lot more than I usually do. I don't really know what to say about my outfit choice. Other fashion bloggers describe it and tell where they bought it at, ect....I'll give that a try. 

MONDAY: I was feeling a little country so I went with a pastel floral skirt and brown leather accessories. (Skirt: H&M, Shoes: Payless, Purse: Claires.) 
TUESDAY: I wanted something cute and comfy, so I went with my favorite stretch skinny jeans, and a thin flowy top. (Jeans: Aeropostale, Shirt: Thrift, Shoes: Payless.) You can't see the shirt very well but it is covered in bright blue and yellow bubbly polka dots. 
WEDNESDAY: I had just gotten new heels, and wanted to wear them to work to break them in. I love wearing a cardigan and belt over dresses. It's a nice look that can be miss-matched countless times. (Dress: Hand me down from my aunt, like 6 years ago! Grey Cardigan: My mum's closet, Belt: My roommate last year didn't want it, so I took it off her hands. Black Peep-Toe Heels: $20 at Payless.) about a cheap outfit! 
THURSDAY: Ok, I'm not gonna lie, this is NOT what I wore on Thursday. I actually wore this outfit on Friday, after I got back after working all morning. I really wore some cruddy sweatpants and old tshirt that day, but I didn't really want to put that on here! So this is one of my favorite shirts. My roommate saw it in the store and was like 'BETHANY, YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS!! IT'S SOOOO YOU!!' So....I did. I really do like it. I has Polaroid photos on it, and it's made of very loose comfy cotton. And once again paired with my favorite stretchy skinny jeans and classic ballet flats. (Jeans: Aeropostale, Top: Charlotte Russe, Shoes: Payless.) 
FRIDAY: Well, Friday was a boring fashion least in the morning for work. Black Dress Pants, bright spring green shirt, and black flats. (Pants: Kohls, Top: Maurices, Shoes: My cousin's closet)...I've had them for almost 2 years...obviously never to get returned!

Well.....that was NOT as exciting as I thought it would be. :( Sorry. I think I actually just bored myself for the past hour by putting this all together. Hopefully my next fashion post will be more exciting than this. Just remember...I'm NOT a fashion-design major (probably for a good reason)! So don't expect my fashion blog posts to be like Project Runway or Teen Vogue! :D  

Until then, I'm going to enjoy the weekend, and I hope you do as well! 
Thank you for visiting my blog! 

Peace Out. 


  1. The Wednesday and Thursday outfits look so great on you! You look good in all the pictures, but those 2 are my favs.

  2. Super-cute! I like the five picture layout. Do this again sometime! (and bring home my sweater) Mom

  3. You are too cute! I love them all and they are totally you!

  4. You need to wear heels more often!

  5. DANG BETHANY!! you look smokin' hot in wednesdays outfit, which by the way i want b/c i could totally wear that to work. lol of course i have a black dress, black pep toe heels, and plenty of black belts. all i need is your mom's sweater, she won't care right?! haha anyways, your a cutie in all 5 photos!!