Monday, December 26, 2011

Time = Money & Power

How many times a day do you use the word 'time'? How often are you concerned about the amount of time in a day or the amount of time that you have? Think about it. How often do you use this phrase?...

"I don't have time"

Either to do the laundry? Or to pick the kids up from school? Or to help a friend out? Or to do a good deed? 
I don't have time to make my bed. I don't have time to eat breakfast. I didn't have time to go grocery shopping. I didn't have time to stop and get gas. I didn't have time to make myself some coffee. I didn't have time to curl my hair. I didn't have time to cook the family dinner. I didn't have time to feed my pet. I didn't have time to take a nap. I didn't have time to stop and talk to the homeless man on the corner. I didn't have time to help the old lady across the street. I didn't have time to kiss my children goodbye before they left for school. I didn't have time to go to church...

Everyone has a busy life. Everyone.
You're not the only one. Everyone has a job or schooling or sometimes both. Everyone has family matters to take care of. Everyone has groceries to buy, cars to drive, and household chores to do. Everyone is just as busy as you, but you must remember.... 

There is ALWAYS time. Always. 

There may not be time to make your coffee every morning, or to curl your hair before going to work, or little things that aren't very important, but there is always time for the things that really matter in life. Time to do one more good deed or to say one more prayer. There is always time to give your child one more hug before they leave for school. There is always time to smile to the homeless man on the street. There is always time to give your spouse a goodnight kiss. There is always time to say 'Hello!' to the stranger you pass that looks like they are having a bad day. There is always time to ask your best friend how their day was. There is always time to stop by the graveyard and visit your lost loved one. There is always time to pray for the children across the world dying of malnutrition. There is always time to do the things that really matter. The things that have a sense of reality. The things that are going to make a difference to somebody else. The things that bring emotion. The things that bring you a sense of joy and peace. The things that are going to help make this world into a better place. That's what makes it worth taking the time. And the best part? The things that make the biggest difference and that really matter in life....they usually are the things that don't take very much time at all.  

The reason all these thoughts have been coming to me was because of a movie I watched recently. For some reason, this movie has stuck with me all week and it keeps provoking thoughts and realizations. I don't think I have ever been impacted by such a 'normal' movie before. It was not educational or or anything....just an action film my brother and I watched together. We were just going to have a 'sibling bonding evening' together and we ended up watching this movie. And it has been going through my mind for days. 

The movie was called 'In Time', and in the movie, everyone has a digital clock on their wrist. To get paid, money is given out as time, and things are paid for with time. You age to 25, then from there on out, the digital clock on your wrist is the countdown of your life. So, hopefully you have a lot saved up by then, because if or when you run out of time, you die. In the ghetto (poor area), people only have hours on their clock, so they are scrambling and scrounging for time to keep themselves alive, and families give each other time in order to stay alive and together. In the 'richer' timezones, people are living with thousands of years on their clocks. They still look to be 25 years old, but are actually hundreds of years old because they are so wealthy with their 'time' or money. For example, in the 'ghetto' or poor area they would pay 4 minutes of their life for a cup of coffee at a gas station, but in the richer timezones they would pay 8 weeks of their life for a fancy meal at a restaurant. Time was taken from them by scanning their wrist, eliminating time from the digital clock printed on their wrist, bringing them closer to their death.  

It made me realize that I am blessed enough to not have a time restraint. I am not confined by a mark on my body. I am not caged in a money-obsessed, self-concerning community. I am not paying for anything with my life or health. I don't know when my time to die will be, but until then...I got all the time in the world. I am not pressured for time, and neither are you. Which is exactly why there is always time to change. To change anything. To change yourself. To change your family. To change you attitude. To change your outlook on life. To change your actions. To change this world. Yes I said 'change the world'...this world is really messed up sometimes. And we are blessed enough to know the difference between right and wrong and good and bad. We know what's important or not in life, and what we need to spend our time on. We are not restricted by a clock on our wrists. We have been blessed with a life. We have been blessed with time. 

Just think of all the things you could do with this time on your hands. Currently you are using it to read some over-opiniated review on an action movie posted on a blog written by some small-town hog-farmin gal who moved to the big city and became an art freak and still doesn't know much about life in general.....but besides that, you could be doing so much. You got time on your hands that you won't have next week. Use it to make someone smile. Use it to make your family better. Use it to make yourself happier. Use it to make this world a better place. 
You may say that you need money to do those things. You may say that you need power to do those things. But you don't. You just need time. And you have time. Right now. You have time. 

I usually don't blog about serious stuff, but I guess today I am. That movie really impacted me, and I was really inspired to share some thoughts. Even though my advice probably isn't even worth giving, I decided to open up my heart a little bit on this one...

Until next time, peace out. 

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