Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas was a little different this year. I usually get 5 weeks off for Christmas Break, but instead of going back home and enjoying it with my family, I decided to stay down in Cincinnati, Ohio and work full time hours at my co-op job I've had this past semester. I'll be home for Christmas and New Years, but the rest of the time, I'll be working. 

Why? You may ask? #1: I get paid very well at my job. #2: Five whole weeks is a long time...I'd get bored at home. #3: I love being on my own; the independence is great. #4: Working 42 hrs/week keeps me out of trouble :) 

I arrived home a few days before Christmas, giving me just enough time to wrap all my presents and attend only 1/2 of my family christmas get togethers.  

It's tradition that we always take a picture of us siblings in front of the tree right before we open up Christmas presents. 
My siblings, top row, left to right: Adam, Rachel, Austin. 
bottom row, left to right: Me, Heather, and Travis. 

We only got a few inches of snow, and as it was snowing it was melting on the ground. But that didn't stop Travis (age 9) and me from playing in the snow!! We also got the snowmobiles started and got the sled hooked up!! Which meant that Travis and I had the best afternoon ever!! Since the snow was melting, and it has been so wet out, we were covered in mud by the end of snowmobiling!! Haha but even though we were a mess and our clothes were soaked and muddy, we still had a lot of fun!!  

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!! 


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  1. oh my word - you seriously have to be the BEST older sister! How fun!