Thursday, December 15, 2011

sick Sick SICK

I've had about the most interesting finals week possible. It was supposed to be filled with homework parties in the lounge with all my art major friends, Starbucks runs at 3am, and constant mad-man rushes around campus to turn in all my projects. But it turned out slightly more hectic and miserable than that. 

It's a good thing I can laugh at this now, but at the time I was seriously in awful shape. Please enjoy this pathetic story of my life during first semester's finals week of my junior year in college... 

I spent 4 evenings IN A ROW being on RA duty, which kept me up late and busy. Then, the night before finals week began, I start running a temperature, so I take some medicine and go to bed. I wake up 25 minutes late for turning in my final so I legit JUMP out of bed, put shoes on, grab my 7 page research paper and RUN out the door, across campus through the rain, and I collapsed in a hot wet mess of a heap at the door of my professor's office. I tried to explain, but all that came out of my mouth was stuttering and mumbled gibberish which immediately turned into me breaking down and crying. My eyes were filled with tears, so I looked up to a blurry vision of my professor walking over to me and then embracing me in a hug. After composing myself enough to explain that I didn't hear my alarm and promising over and over again that I had the entire research paper completely finished the night before, she took the papers from my hand and re-assured me that she wouldn't count it late. I ended up walking back across to my dorm crying even more...but they were happy tears because I was so relieved that my most strict professor showed such compassion on me on a rough morning. But then I started crying even more because I realized that I was running a high temperature and was probably very sick. And then I started crying even more when I got back to my room and looked in the mirror at what I was wearing and how dreadfully awful my hair looked...all in front of my professor. What a lovely start to my day, right?
I spent the rest of the day running a 103 degree temperature, coughing up my lungs, and finishing up my art project next to the toilet because I felt like I was going to throw up at any minute. But I HAD to get this art project done before 6pm and I was NOT about to let throwing up the remains of my supper and turning my stomach inside-out stop me from finishing this project on time!! That is what I would like to call a hard core art major.
I ended up going to the school nurse...turns out that my bronchitis symptoms have come back, as well as the flu, and I was now infected with a viral infection. Yay. When I turned the nurse that I had worked 23 hrs the week before, spent the last 4 nights on RA duty and that I had 6 finals and projects to do this week, her jaw about hit the floor. I think she felt really bad for me or something, which I don't understand because that busy of a schedule is perfectly normal for me.
Long story short, I spent my finals week being COMPLETELY CONFINED to my dorm room... just working on my papers and projects allllllllll day. I was too busy coughing, sneezing, eyes watering, throat swollen, stomach churning, head pounding, and my body aching to actually leave my dorm room. I have never felt more like a helpless pathetic piece of bark lying on the empty ground of a forrest...I couldn't move without feeling sore, I couldn't talk without coughing, I couldn't cough without feeling like I was going to throw up, and I couldn't feel nauseated without having a throbbing/pounding headache. As you can see, it was a great feeling. Especially when it's finals week. 

Looking back I honestly don't know how I survived. I have no idea how I got all my projects completed and turned in. In fact I don't even understand how I even passed my classes with everything that has gone on this semester. Praise God I'm still alive. 

In fact my sickness didn't go away. At all. Even with the medication the nurse I did some research...turns out I have EVERY SINGLE symptom of mono. Yay. So much for working 40 hours this week.But it's ok, because I've really enjoyed the break from work and school this week. It's nice being able to sleep in, make myself some oatmeal and just chill in my pink striped footie pajamas all day. On the bright side....I am feeling much Much MUCH better today and I hope to go back to work Monday. Yay! 
Basically the only cure for mono is drinking lots of liquids and getting lots of sleep. And I don't mind the sleeping part. I mean who wouldn't want a doctor telling them "Go home and sleep allllll day", because that's like every college kid's dream! And just for the book record, my personal record is drinking 6 pitchers of water in 1 day!! I'm quite proud of that. 

Two days ago was the FIRST day in 2 WEEKS that I was able to breathe through my nose, and yesterday was the FIRST day in 2 WEEKS that I could eat something without feeling like I was about to throw it up, and today was the FIRST day in 2 WEEKS that I could swallow my hot tea and orange juice without pain in my throat!!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!! I never realized how much of my health I take for granted. I guess nobody does until they get sick...or miserably sick like me. 

And the best part about the past two miserably pathetic weeks?....I have seen an amazing amount of kindness and compassion come from my college friends. Down here at college I'm away from all my church friends and family who I know would do anything for me, but these college friends of mine have turned out to be just the same! They would stop by my dorm to check on me. They would text me asking if I needed anything. They would call me asking if they could pick me up some lunch. They would hug me and tell me how everything would be alright. They would write on my facebook wall, telling me what a good friend I am. And they would offer to take my project to class if I was too weak to go. I seriously have some amazing college friends. And some of them weren't really friends, just acquaintances that wanted to help me out. 

But all in all, it was an awful two weeks that turned out quite lovely. I'm feeling so much healthier, I'm overwhelmed by the kindness of my college friends, and I'm once again reminded of God's faithfulness. 

And since you suffered through this super long boring pathetic story of my un-interesting life, I'd like to share a few photos with you...

This is the night before I started feeling sick. Hahaha I actually pulled an all-nighter to finish an art project that night. The campus police at the front desk offered to make me a pot of coffee. I accepted their offer.

I just thought it'd be cool to show the world how incredibly awful my hair could look. In fact I think I should earn an award for having the WORST hair EVER...seriously I'm amazed at how awful my hair can look. Hahahaha

Dear Mum, 
Even though you regret getting me a coffee pot as a 'going away to college' gift because I am now addicted to coffee...please rest assured that the coffee pot is being used for more than just coffee. I have made about 6 pots of tea and 3 pots of hot coco in the past 2 weeks. I am also now known as the girl who walks around campus drinking coffee straight out of the coffee pot. :)
Love, Bethany    

Hope you have a wonderful day! A more interesting blog post will be coming soon! 

Peace Out! 


  1. Wow. Glad you are feeling better!

    I would love to see you walking around campus with a coffee pot...hilarious!

    (since you like coffee so much, you should try the Christmas caramels Klint and I made this year: Coffee Caramels. They. are. amazing.)

    Stay healthy

  2. Bethany! This post was sooooo hilarious! I loved it! :) Glad you're feeling better!! :)

  3. As you posted "Praise God" you're still alive! Praise Him, Thank Him! Our prayers for your health continue. So thankful that you're feeling much better :) We'll see you next week for Christmas! love, dad

  4. Glad you are feeling better!!!!