Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bonding with the Brother

Hello Everyone, I would like to introduce you to my brother Adam. He is half man and half amazing....or at least thats what he calls himself. 

Whats the definition of 'brother' you may ask? According to "A male offspring having both parents in common withanother offspring; a male sibling." Want to know MY definition of 'brother'? Someone who would drive through the state of Texas for me. Someone who would spend his morning making pancakes for me. Someone who would give me a thirty minute long hug. Someone who would see that I had a bad day and then insist on watching a movie together while eating a gallon of ice cream. Or driven all the way to Berne, Indiana to bring me the mini christmas tree for my dorm that I left at home when I was heading back to college. He hasn't exactly done all those things (except the last two) but I know he would in a heartbeat. 

Adam has taught me lots of stuff. How to change a tire. How to hit a tennis ball. How to iron a mens dress shirt. How to change the oil in my car. How to pitch a tent. How to go squirrel hunting. How to drive and change your clothes at the same time (it's called cruise control). How to sew a gilly suit. And how to shoot a gun.

That is me (below) shooting an M4. Sweet, right? Well...not my facial expression..the fact that I'm shooting a big boy gun! If you saw my aim you'd be impressed...lets just say I have a good teacher. I like to think of myself as a future war hero or something. Or as Adam said....."When the Zombie Apocalypse happens....I want you by my side."        

But unfortunately Adam is better at me in JUST A FEW playing XBox, and arm wrestling, and boxing, and running really fast, and running for 5 miles straight, and taking care of pigs, and being nice to annoying people, and having a good sense of humor, and practically everything else in the world, oh and shooting guns. 
He's kinda sorta much better at shooting guns that I am. In fact he completely showed me up by having better aim that me while shooting like this.... 

Well, I think I've done enough bragging about him. I will probably have to carry a big ole stick around with me to fend off all the crazy girls that now want to marry him...all because of this blog post. But seriously, he's the sweetest, funniest, and most sensitive guy I know...and he's MY brother. Mine. 

Peace Out


  1. you are the sweetest sister! hes so lucky to have you! (ps, what a cutie) lol

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