Sunday, December 18, 2011

Scanner Photography

Ok, I'm just gonna warn you.....the following images are somewhat in the 'its-so-artsy-its-kinda-creepy' category. I am a more artistic person and can get kinda crazy, but I'm not gonna lie...these photographs look kinda scary. And the weirdest part? I was actually smiling in most of them. Even though they may look like they belong in a horror film, please understand that this was a photography assignment and I did not intend for them to come out so creepy. 

The assignment was 'Scanner Photography', which meant we were to use a scanner as our 'camera', and capture images using the scanner. I tried a few different things, and then decided to try scanning my know how you always see in movies how the kid scans his face and the mom yells at the kid? Haha well I thought I'd give it a try, and I actually liked how they turned out...besides the creepy/scary/horror look, I really liked the fuzzyness of the image. You see, only the closest thing to the actual scanner showed up in focus. Since my eyes and some of my hair were not close enough to the scanner, they turned out blurred. 

I really liked how sharp these scanned images were actually turning out, so I tried to get as much of my hair in the photo as possible. Don't I look like Chewbacca (or Chewy) from Star Wars?!  

This is the photo that I ended up printing out, framing, and turning in for my Photography final. It will be hung in the Art Gallery here at college. I decided to call this piece 'Grey Hairs and Headaches'. Because that's what it looks like. To me at least. 

I'll be busy working 40 hours this week, which is something that I haven't done since last summer. Makes me feel old for working full time. And after I finish my 40 hour work week I hope to make it back home in time for Christmas. 

I hope these photos didn't creepy you out too much to not come back to my blog! And I hope you have a wonderful week! :) 

Peace Out!  

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