Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day Weekend 2011

Every Labor Day weekend my family goes camping with about 10 other families. We've been doing this since I was a very small child. Which means that everyone is super close!! There are some jokes that only these people understand. There are some topics that I can only discuss with these people. And there are some things that just make this group awesome. I always feel so comfortable around these people. Even though there are some families that I may have not talked to at all since the last Labor Day camping trip, but every year we can just pick up where we left off; pulling pranks and talking for hours on end. 

Eating the BEST SUPPER IN THE WORLD. Which was followed by the classic tin-foil-ball-fight. What else are teenagers supposed to do with hot ham and cheese wrappers? 

Like I said....only some people would understand the inside jokes that this group possesses. Our good friends Todd and Teresa unfortunately couldn't make it to camp this year....but their cardboard bodies did!!! And did those cardboard bodies have the time of their lives....riding bicycles, getting stuck in dumpsters, and giving piggy back rides. 

Remember how I said that I've come camping with these people since I was a little tike? Well, one of them is getting married next month and I am having the honor of being one of her bridesmaids!!! I guess camping can really generate friendships! 

By the way....I got a new camera!!!!! And I love Love LOVE it!!!!!!! 

In the middle of the night, a bunch of us college age kids went on a boat ride. And then we decided to jump in the lake....fully clothed. And don't worry.....that's something that perfectly normal sober college kids do. 

The next week of work and school came a little bit too fast. But camping was great while it lasted! I hope you all have a wonderful day! 

Peace Out! 

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