Saturday, September 10, 2011

Faceless Frid....Saturday?

I love being a girl. I love the feeling of wearing the combination of a skirt and heels....and please note that that combination doesn't happen very often!! But when I do, it makes me feel even more like a girl. I feel feminine. I feel sophisticated. I feel taller. I feel young. I feel independent.

   Its not every Saturday I wake up and decide to wear heels and a skirt. I went to a 'Tea Party' themed shower. And since I didn't have a 'tea party' themed hat, my barre hat was the closest thing I had.....besides my superman baseball hat.  

I'm no model, thats for certain. 

Even though this one is not faceless, I happen to really like it. Plus my dog decided to come and spice up the photography session a bit aaaaannnnnndddddd I wanted to show you my barre again! 
Just so you know.....I've had that hat for almost 4 years and today was the first time I have EVER worn it. I may seem really crazy and independent.....but wearing that hat was a whole new level of bravery for me! And I conquered it like I conquer a big mac sandwich!!  

Photos from the Tea Party will be coming soon! 

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  1. you looked super cute on saturday! -alyssa f