Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sculpture Park

I love art. Period. It's seriously and totally the best. It's me. It's my world. It's my mindset. It's my major. It's my hobby. It's my job. It's my life. It's me. Period. 

I go through different phases of art. I used to only love creating art. Now I only love to observe art. And I'm also in this phase where I have a huge desire to buy art all the time. I want to just buy paintings, and pottery, and stickers, and posters, and fashion magazines, and statutes, and film, and photographs. I just want it all. Even though I have no place to put it all!! 

I love being an art major. Because I get to do fun stuff in class! I get to color. I get to draw. And listening to music is sometimes encouraged by professors because it influences art and promotes a creative atmosphere. :) 

Ok, I'll stop talking about art. I'm sure some of you probably don't even understand what I'm saying. I've been told before that artistic language is gibberish to some I'll let the photos do a majority of the talking for the rest of the post! :D 

Going back to the title of the post...'Sculpture Park' is exactly what it sounds like. It's a park...with really cool sculptures. For a class assignment we are re-designing the logo for this place. So we went to the park to get a feel for the place that we were designing for. I had never been there before, but I loved every minute of it!! Here are a few pictures!! 

One of my favorites. The path led right underneath it. My friends Stephanie (right) and Lisa (left) were also with me! 

And here is me (below)! And what a perfect day it was to wear a purple cotton tang top dress!! It was so hot outside!

Another one of my favorite sculptures!! This place was PACKED FULL of inspiration!!! Now to get started on my logo designs...

Peace Out!

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  1. Your passion radiates through your blog and in particular this post - awesome! The park looks like a lot of fun!!!