Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Being an RA

I have officially moved out of state and I'm back in the swing of college life once again. Just incase you didn't know, on campus I am an RA (short for 'Resident Assistant'); basically that means that I am in charge of all the students in one particular wing of the floor. I plan events for my residents, I am here as a resource if they need help or advice, I also team up with other RAs to 'be on duty', which means that we roam the halls, making sure that policies aren't being broken. 

To be honest, I kinda feel like a police woman when walking the halls with a clipboard in my hands, and a walkie-talkie and bundle of keys strapped to my hips. 

Anyway, I had to move back to college a week earlier than expected so I could go through training to become an RA. Training includes lectures, readings, memorizing policies, and practicing scenarios.

The rest of the team is just plain fabulous. They are all super cool, and we get along great! The first day of RA training was all of us just playing games and talking. The RA director wanted to make sure that we were all comfortable with one another because we will be spending a lot of time with each other over the next few semesters!     

Here is the group (minus 2 guys that were at football practice). We had to dress up one day to attend a College Convocation to meet other staff members and represent ourselves.  

And this is Mariana. She is the heart and soul of the RA staff...and she happens to be one of my closest friends here at college. Which is why I am not allowing her to graduate this year. 

Once again, to all my readers, I am so sorry for my long absence. I promise I will try better this next school year. I believe blogging might be one of the only things that will keep me sane throughout being an RA.

Peace Out!

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  1. Your dress is super cute! Being an RA is a huge responsibility - kudos to you for having such a great college job! I worked at the dorm desk for a year when I lived in the dorm - fun! Welcome back to the other "half" of your life! Hope you enjoyed your summer and are enjoying the start of school.