Saturday, July 30, 2011

Graffiti Wall

Last week I took a day off of work and my life to spend some time in another world. The artistic world. I went to AnnArbor, Michigan to an Art Festival with my mum and my aunt Diann. 

This was such an artistic town. It was just so cute! I couldn't help but to stop and take pictures at every street corner! There were booths set up with vendors selling their artwork; photographs, frames, dyed tshirts, jewelry, pots, garden decor, and paintings. My favorite was all the photography. I just wanted to buy everything, but of course a poor college kid like myself should probably save her money for more practical things. 

But anyway, like I said...the environment in AnnArbor, Michigan was very artistic! I loved it!    

So as we were walking through booths, I saw some photographs of an AWESOME ally. Seriously, it was SWWWWEEEEEEEEETTTTT!!!!! The caption of the photograph said 'AnnArbor Ally', and I was like "What?! This is AnnArbor." So I asked the dude selling the stuff if the ally photograph was actually taken in this particular city, and he was like, "Ya, it's actually located right down this street on the left." 
And so the hunt was on!!! I grabbed my aunt and my mum and we dropped the shops and booths, and went on a search for this ally. I was determined not to stop until I found it.......a few minutes later....I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!! And it was even more epic than these pictures show!!!! But after seeing this I was determined to get a college minor in graffiti, but unfortunately my college does not offer it. :(  

But seriously.....HOW AWESOME IS THIS?!?!?!?!?!

It was such an awesome feeling. Being in a place of such art. I mean, some people don't call it art, but I believe 100% with my heart that THIS IS ART. It's emotional. It's colorful. It tells a story. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. It's art. 

Just for future reference....If I ever become will find me living in this ally. And I will be enjoying it very much! Please feel free to stop by and visit me!  

Peace Out! 


  1. SUPER cool!! Wow...thanks for sharing. Sounds like a fun time!


  2. You will never be homeless, dear, but now I'll know where to find you if you ever run away! Mum

  3. Wow - that was cool. You standing next to the walls shows just how LARGE of a surface is painted - it's more than twice your height tall and a block or more long - wow!!!! Amazing! Stunning!!! Looks like a great day away!