Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pine Lake!!!

My roommate from college came to visit me last weekend! Seeing her was EXACTLY what I needed! I guess I was just kinda in the dumps because it's been summer vacation for a little too long, and I was starting to REALLY miss all my college friends! Hanging with her was the 'energy drink' that I needed to get through the rest of summer! 

We decided that since it was going to be 90 degrees on Saturday, that we would spend the day off to PINE LAKE we went!!! For those of you not from my area, Pine Lake is a lake (duh!), and they have tons of 'water toys' for big kids! Slides, a giant tetter-totter in the water, high dives (10ft, 20ft, 30ft, and 40ft...yes seriously!), more slides, a zip-line across the water, lilly pads to jump across, racer slides, sand volleyball, and they sell the BEST ice cream EVER!!!

Me (left) and Lisa (right)

They have these HUGE ice cream cones for like a buck or two! And this picture (below) was taken on my roomie's iPhone (no editing)! Those things have SWEET cameras! Mint Chocolate Chip!!! MMmmmmMmmMmmmm

I've blogged many times about my roommate, Lisa. But seriously, she is the best. She made my Sophomore year of college worth living through. When she came to visit, it was as if we just hung out the other day, and we just picked off where we left and started chatting again. It was awesome. 

And of course....the classic 'feet' pictures that I'm obsessed with!! I'm not going to say who was tanner than the other, but we all know how I feel about wearing sunscreen...(I don't).   



  1. Wow, that looks SO FUN...and the ice cream looks SO awesome!