Friday, July 1, 2011

Faceless Friday

So...I have this friend. A great friend. A fantastic friend.  A super duper friend who is covered in awesome sauce.

I have actually blogged about her many Many MANY times. Sorry, but I am wayyyy too lazy right now to go through my archives to find specific posts to refresh your memory.

Anyway, this is Autumn. She is hilarious. She is sincere. She is cute. She is blunt. She is sweet. She is a hoarder. She is fashionable. She is a talker. She is a romantic. She is funny. She is a deep thinker. She is carefree. She is crazy. She is artistic. Oh, and if you need the phone number to the Ft. Wayne Lazy Boy...just ask Autumn; she keeps it on her hand. 

She's a lot like me in so So SO SOooOoOOooOOooOoo many ways! Mostly in the massive amounts of talking that we do. And I caught my parents talking to her parents about how we are VERY LOUD, SUPER CRAZY, and DO LOTS OF TALKING when we are together......which is probably why I landed myself as a bridesmaid in her wedding. :D    

Check out that Bling-age!!! And yes, I know that this photo isn't exactly 'faceless' but....I have reasons. #1: I wanted to share the good news that she is engaged and that I was a bridesmaid. #2: It's Friday and I don't care. It's my blog and I can do whatever I want! :D I kinda feel powerful when I say that! 

But anyway....Autumn and I went out for ice cream last night and we just talked and Talked and TALKED and then we talked some more.....ALLLLLL night long. Let's just say it was harder than I thought to wake up at 6am to go to work the next day. But seriously we talked NON-STOP for OVER 4 HOURS.....I have NO IDEA what I would EVER do if either of us became a mute!!! It would be an ABSOLUTE DISASTER and the other one of us would probably be MISERABLE not being able to talk to the other!! Because that's what we do. We talk. And then talk some more. And then more. And even more. 

Have an awesome weekend!! 


  1. The faceless photo is hilarious. She sounds like quite the gal.

  2. Lol thanks bethany! you are the greatest too! i love your description of me too. makes me sound awesome! :) LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  3. i love describing people!!! and, duh ARE awesome!!!! Love you too!!