Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bad days can be turned into great ones by just a single word; or a quick hug. It's true. I have proof. Actually I have a story. It goes like this. 

So I was driving home from my nanny job tonight when my car just stops working. After I get myself pulled over I called my older brother (Who is STRONG. Who is BRAVE. Who is CAR SMART. Who would BEND OVER BACKWARDS for me. Who is SWEET. And who would do ALMOST ANYTHING I asked.) Basically he's an awesome brother who I EXPECTED to come to my rescue. But he decided to put on his practical pants and leave his cellular device in his car while at work. 

So I called my mum and this is how our conversation went....  

Me: Um.....hey mum. So.....are you busy? 
Mum: Um...not really, why?
Me: you come pick me up?
Mum: Why? What happened? 
Me: Just come. I have my jumper cables in my trunk.
Mum: I knew there was a reason I stayed home from church tonight. Be right there.

Basically my Mum is the BEST PERSON in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!!! And it's NOT just because she jumped my car! :) She has a way of turning my day upside down (from worse to better of course!) 

I love you mum!!
My wish is that every kid could have a mum like mine. And the answer is no...I'm NOT willing to share! :D

PS: I'll keep you updated on the physical health of my dear car, Charlie. I know how concerned you must be.