Friday, June 17, 2011

My Summer So Far....

I am truly sorry for my long absence. We can just say that I was 'taking a mental day' :D I think I've deserved one after everything that's been going on! So many things have happened this summer. It's literately been super crazy!!!! Please allow me to fill you in on practically EVERYTHING I've been doing! 

I'll give you a few hints as to what it is!!! 

#1: It involves 3 blonde hair and blue eyed girls 
#2: It involves a Disney Princess movie almost every day
#3: It's a pretty messy job: snot, slobber, spit, and occasionally tears
#4: I get to cook cupcakes for the daily tea-parties, make enough crafts to cover the entire dining room wall, photograph as much as I want, and occasionally take a nap!! Incase you didn't know...those are like my four favorite things to do! 

If you haven't guessed it yet....I'M A NANNY FOR THESE GIRLS!!! (yes the cat is a girl!) And just for the took about 10 minutes and a few bribes to get a 'family photo' of these girls. And they insisted on having their NEW pet kitten in the photo with them!! 
Just for your information: The girls decided to name their new kitten 'Strawberry Shortcake'!!! How ADORABLE is that?!?!?!?! :) 

From Right to Left: 
Portia (2 years), Strawberry Shortcake (2 months?), Emma (8 months), and Caelan (4 years)     

The family had a huge birthday party for her at the park! It was a great time to just catch up with all my distant cousins, and see all the kids that I used to babysit have they ever grown up!!! 
Here is my family with our Grandma: Top Row to Bottom Row going Right to Left: Adam, Heather, Dad, Mom, Grandma, Me, Austin, and Travis. 

This was an AWESOME trip...yet and AWFUL trip! First off, it was awesome because I was with some really close friends, and some people I didn't know too well, so it was so neat to get to know them all better! Trust me....there is NO BETTER way to get to know someone other than tipping their canoe!!! (or being tipped by them!!) It was also a sad trip because this was the day that my beloved pink casio camera fell to it's watery grave. :''( Can we please have a moment of silence for this poor lost soul....


Thank You. 

My camera and I have been through A LOT together. We have gone on many road trips, adventures, and have done some crazy things together. Like that one time I held the camera out over the State Park Tower (which is like 500 billion feet in the air) to get a cool picture. Or that one time I took my camera on a ROLLER COASTER to capture the funniest facial expressions in the world! Or the many, Many, MANY times that I have taken photographs while driving.....After all the DANGEROUS and CRAZY things that I have gone through with this died when SOMEONE ELSE'S canoe tipped over in the river and they just happened to forget to close the WATERPROOF BAG that my camera was in....sad day. But FEAR NOT......I'm getting another camera. And it will be cooler. And newer. And bigger. But unfortunately probably not pink. :(      

All throughout Middle School and High School I have always attended Girls Camp. It was the coolest thing in the world to me (and still is!) I was blessed enough to be able to go back this year as a counselor for the Jr. High girls! The 4 day weekend was packed with water balloon fights, cupcake decorating, skit night, Bible studies, bonfires, playing at the lake, and lots of singing, screaming, cheering, rapping, and dancing. What happens at Girls Camp STAYS at Girls Camp!!! (well, at least some of it!!!)
Just incase you're wondering....I'm in the first row (bottom) on the far right...and YES I'm wearing an Elf hat....don't ask. 

Please keep in mind that I don't exactly have my own camera at this current pictures on this blog might be more scarce than normal :/

Thanks for visiting my blog and reading my ramblings about my Summer!

Peace Out!   


  1. Good post Bethany. You haven't been lacking for action. :)

  2. Wow - that's a lot packed into such a short time. Pace yourself girl, it's still only June.

  3. your poor camera! at least you will be getting a new one. :) also i want to hear all about you being a girls camp counselor! i didn't know you went! so for our coffee date any day now i want to hear all about it!! :)