Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Roots and Wings

What a weird title for a blog post, right? Maybe you'll understand once you read the post! :)

So, I went shopping yesterday. And I'm sure you all know about my favorite and most sacred sunglasses EVER, right?!? And when I was shopping I found the COOLEST shades in the WORLD!! I just HAD to have them!!! I just COULDN'T leave them in the store!!! But seriously, how AWESOMELY-COOL are these shades?!?! I kinda feel like a rock star when I wear them!! And then after a few minutes when I forget that I'm wearing them, I start to notice people staring at me, giving me odd looks...I'm sure you all think I'm just a SILLY DORK!! And it's ok....I agree with you because I AM a silly dork. 

I know I went a little overboard while editing the photos, but I was bored. 

I'm sure you're wondering what the title "Roots and Wings" has to do with these amazingly-cool shades that I just got. Well, tonight I was driving with my mum, and I pulled these big blue babies out of my purse and put them on. I looked over at my mum and she just beamed with joy as if she was so proud of me! Then this is how our conversation went from there....

Me: What was that look for?
Mum: You just look like yourself!
Me: Well, thanks! I assumed you would tell me how silly and foolish I am to have gotten these sunglasses and to actually wear them. 
Mum: Of course not! A kid needs roots and wings. You're father gives you plenty of roots, so I'm giving you the wings to fly.

Talk about hard core advice when I least expect it! I never really thought about it, but it's SO TRUE in my family! My dad does most of the values, work ethic, and disciplining in our family. While my mum takes care of all the dreams, goals, and whimsical stuff.

So I got ROOTS and I got WINGS!!! 
And YES, those aqua blue heart shaped sunglasses give me my wings to fly!  

Peace Out!   


  1. LOVE this post!!! Such a great thought from your

    You look cute in your sunglasses too :)

  2. AHHH! Soooo CUTE! :D roots and wings... :)

  3. Aww, thanks girls!!! I love getting comments!!!

  4. As we said last night, we really like this post. It's a true description of the difference between your mom and dad. They're both great people. You are blessed!