Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring Fest!!

Yesterday was Spring Fest! Spring Fest is the best event of the year! Every year at MSJ the parking lot is turned into a carnival! There were big balloon blowups, bounce houses, mechanical bull riding, air brush tshirts, flip flop decorating, characticure drawings, a live concert, carnival games, and as for food....a grill out!

You always see in movies like 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, how a certain group of girls are like totally bffs and they do EVERYTHING together! And if one of them is missing, things just aren't the same! I have never had that.....until college. You have probably seen these girls in blog posts before, but seriously....they are the BEST! We all went to Spring Fest together and hung out till 3am this morning! 

A few examples of our crazy 'stuck like glue' friendship: If one of us needs to run to Walgreens, the other three come along! If one of us leaving for the weekend, the rest of us will give 10 minute goodbye speeches.  If one of us wants to watch the Royal Wedding of Prince William, the other three will get up at 4am with her!

From Right to Left:
Me, Stephanie, Mariana (my RA), and Lisa (my roomie)

Lisa (left) and Mariana (right)

Me accomplishing one more thing off my bucket list!!!!

The live concert! The band was called Anarbor (an alternative rock band), and they are from Arizona! 

On a side note. Finals week starts Monday. I have 1 test, 1 powerpoint presentation, an 8 page research paper, a website to finish, a 5 page research paper,  a book to get printed off and bind, a poster to design, an astronomy exam, a mock interview, a 2 page essay, and a club evaluation. 

All due by Wednesday evening. I think I just shed a tear :'''( 

I've been praying that I survive because if I don' would make an awkward newspaper headline: 
"College girl dies of homework overload!" 

Peace Out!    


  1. you are way too sweet! thanks for leaving that comment! I'll look forward to keepin in touch with ya! i'm gonna follow ya on the google connect thing so i can keep up with your posts as well ! :)

  2. Cute post! And you'll make it through finals! I believe in you!!! Lots of love! <3

  3. ugh my heart goes out to you for your finals. luckily for me i just have 3 tests. the spring fest looks and sounds like a blast though!