Monday, April 25, 2011


First, I'm very sorry for not blogging lately! I really have no excuse, except for the fact that I have not been in the mood to blog for a looonnnnnggggg time! And that's a REALLY BAD excuse. But its true. I kind of feel like I have been inside of a cardboard box lately. And the box is labeled "Not in a Blogging Mood". I have been hiding out there, too busy being too busy or too lazy to blog about anything. :/ 

And now I'm in a bad spot. I have 9 days left on my 30 Day Challenge (that should have been DONE with forever AGO!!!!) And I have like 6 events to blog about!! And I have a feeling that none of that is going to happen because.....FINALS ARE COMING UP!!!! In fact they are practically here already. I have SO much stuff to do. I have a feeling that I will be drinking LOTS of coffee, and pulling SEVERAL all-nighters!!! 

But anyway....I took these photos just this morning and I thought it would brighten your day! Because it brightens mine and has put me in a blogging mood! 

We have 4 new additions to the family farm!

As far as actually blogging everyday and catching you up on my life....we will have to see!!! Wish me luck! 




    Hope finals go well for you!

  2. First, welcome back - wondered where you've been!
    Second, HOW.CUTE.ARE.THOSE.KITTENS!!!!!!!!!!!
    Third, good luck on your finals!!!!

  3. well i'm just going to repeat everything that was just said. :)
    those kittens are so so so cute!! love the orange on that last one! and yes good luck on your finals. :)