Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 17: Note and Letter

Day #17: Post a photo and a letter

Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately! I had no idea how busy my life could get or how difficult this blogging bootcamp would be! Anyway.....

I'm sure many of you know of my big brother, Adam from previous posts. He is practically the sunshine to my day! He appreciates really small things in life, and shows it. When I throw together a sandwich for him as he runs out the door, or when I tell him which tie looks better with his shirt he will always be sure to thank me...either verbally, with a hug, or even the occasional sticky note on my mirror!  

Or in this case, he wrote me a note and left it on the table for me one morning.  This note was written years ago! I just couldn't throw it away, so I kept it in my planner! I know that's kinda creepy, but it meant a lot to me, and it's nice to look at it once in awhile! 

It's nice to feel appreciated by a family member...especially for the small things in life! 

On a side note: My roommate, Lisa recently started a blog! And she is also doing the 30 Day Challenge! So feel free to stop by her blog, and check it out! 

Peace Out!


  1. how wonderful. he sounds like an amazing big brother. your lucky. im so happy your roommate started a blog and is doing the challenge. it sure is hard. on like day 19 i wanted to just quit so bad. uhg. good job keeping up with it.