Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tasty Tu...Wednesdays?

'Tasty Wednesdays' just doesn't have the same ring to it as 'Tasty Tuesdays', does it? Well, since my life has been flooded with art projects, research papers, new facebook friends, birthday plans, interviews, laundry, and lots of other stuff.....blogging has been pushed towards the bottom of my to-do list. It's really sad. 

But don't worry! It's only 9pm, and I have all my homework completed for the rest of the week! So guess what I'll be doing all evening? That's right....catching up on my blog! I actually have no idea how behind I least 4 days, I think! 
So, hold onto your socks because I will be having a blogging party tonight with me, myself, and I....and possibly my roommate, who recently started her own blog! 

Anyway....Tasty Tuesdays! I just wanted to share a FEW mouth-watering photos of what my 20th Birthday Cake turned out! Yes, that's right! I turned 20 last longer a teenager. It's kinda sad. I feel like I actually have to grow up and be a responsible, mature adult which is not the most exciting thing in the world to me. 

I'm so sorry! I get distracted easily!....ONTO THE CAKE!!!! So it's called a 'Hoho Cake'. Four layers of Devils Food Chocolate Cake, with Marshmallow Cream Fluff Filling between the layers, and a Warm Chocolate Icing dumped on top! 

So on my Birthday at 9:38pm my entire family went to bed! So what did I do? I stayed up till 1:30 am baking away at my own Birthday Cake!!! Yes, I know that's kinda sorta really super selfish.....but I like cake. Especially this cake!  

This right here is pretty much a heart attack waiting to happen! You DON'T want to know how much fat, sugar, calories, and butter was used in this cake! (That's why I didn't include the recipe in this blog post!) Because you could have a heart attack if you knew!  

Peace Out! 


  1. I was wondering if you'd post pictures of this! That cake was AWESOME! :D

  2. haha thanks! my little brother said that i was a better cook than my mum! i don't think that's true, but i'll take the compliment this one time! :)

  3. lol you are a pretty awesome cook though! and this cake tasted so good! i'm still holding onto the julia child party idea this summer and since you love cooking and i need the practice i think we would have so much fun!!