Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 7: Tomatoes

Day #7: Blog about something that you hate or dislike.

I hate Hate HATE plain tomatoes. In ketchup, it's fine. If it's cooked and used in very small quantities I'll live. But plain tomatoes....GAG!!! 

When I was about 6 or 7, my dad gave me a tomato to eat at the supper table. I told him that I didn't like tomatoes. He didn't care. He said that I still needed to eat it. I told him that if I did eat it, I would throw up. He still didn't care. And he still made me eat it. I threw up all over the table and my plate. 

So...after obviously being ruined for life...I will never again eat a plain tomato. 

And as I was googling tomato pictures, I came across these! I just wanted to show them for kicks and giggles! 
In Spain they have a massive tomato fight in the streets; I think it happens every year. 

I'm a HUGE FAN of food fights, and I'd LOVE to be in one....but in tomatoes? Seriously? Couldn't they have picked something better? Like mac & cheese? Or bananas? Or chocolate pudding? Or carrot cake? But no, they chose tomatoes. 

This looks like sooooo much fun! Except for the tomato part. 

Ok, this idea really needs to be brought to college campuses! Since Cincinnati is famous for their chili, we should seriously start having annual chili fights on campus! I would love that! 

Thanks for crashing into the world of a tomato hater. Peace.


  1. lol so i just wanted to start off by saying how much i love the daily blog thing! so much fun!!
    secondly... your right plain tomatoes are a bit weird. i don't hate them i just need something else with them though. i don't mind them on salads or in sandwiches or maybe with sugar on top. that's pretty good too.
    thirdly.... GROSS!! i would not want to have a tomato food fight! and i agree mac and cheese would be fun. :D

  2. i love sliced tomatoes with salt or diced toms with italian dressing. mmmm. i think a chili fight would be more awful than tomatoes. now i totally agree with mac and cheese fight, though, id prolly bring a bowl and spoon.