Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Cookie Monster

I'm a huge fan of cookies! I absolutely love cookies! Why? They are super easy to make, and there are hundreds of recipes out there! And what's wrong with making up your own recipe? 

I started out with a classic Chocolate Chip recipe: 1 cup butter and 1 cup shortening whipped together. 2 cups brown sugar and 1 cup sugar beat in. Then add 4 eggs (add them one at a time). Add 1 tsp of vanilla. Then mix together 5 cups of flour, 1 tsp baking soda, and 1/2 tsp salt. Slowly beat in the dry mixture. Then by hand, stir in 12 oz of chocolate chips.  

I accidentally spilled sugar all over the counter top! Oops! 

When I was adding the dry ingredients to the mixer I spilled some flour...oops again! 

Then I looked down to see that it had spilled all over my pant leg, the kitchen drawers, and the floor! 

Instead of just chocolate chip cookies, I decided to raid the kitchen to see what other kinds of goodies I could find to add to the cookie dough!   

Instead of just adding chocolate chips, I added butterscotch chips, mini m&m's, crushed pretzels, and I was gonna add white chocolate chips, but my mum needed them for another cooking project, so I had to leave them out.  This dough is a little dry...I probably should not have added all 5 cups of flour! Oops. 

When I was hand stirring in the pretzels, my hand slipped and I threw pretzel pieces EVERYWHERE! In fact about 4 days after I made these cookies my dad walks into the kitchen, bends down, picks up a pretzel and says, "What's this doing here?"  

I told you they went everywhere! 

After cleaning up all my messes and eating half the bowl of cookie dough...I finally got around to pre-heating the oven to 375 and popping these in the oven for 10 to 11 minutes. 

I seriously think that I may be related to the Cookie Monster. Speaking of the Cookie Monster...did you know that the voice of Cookie Monster is the same voice as Yoda on Star Wars? When I found out, my mind was blown! 

Even though they ended up looking really lumpy, thick, and very oddly shaped, they still tasted REALLY good! 


Peace Out! 


  1. Ohhh my mouth is watering!!!!!!! Girl - those look so good. And I love that we make cookies the exact same way . . . a little flour for the bowl, a little for the counter, a little for the pants, and some for the floor just for good measure.

  2. THOSE LOOK AMAZING!! The pretzels sound like a great add-in!

  3. omigosh bethany. YUM!!!! i am headed to kitchen asap to make this tasty little treats.

  4. YUMMY!! so glad we'll both be around this summer so you can make me some! :) and it's amazing how many of your ingredients ended up everywhere. lol love it!!