Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 14: Secrets

Day #14: Share a secret

I was pretty mischievous as a child, and I did many things that I can laugh at today! I'm going to share one of those things with you today. I consider it a secret because I don't think my mother knows about it! And my mother is my best friend in the world, so if she doesn't know about it, then it is defiantly a secret!

This is just a google picture to represent the blog post. Because what's a post without a picture?

Ok, onto the ready? Look, I'm a little nervous about this whole 'confessing' thing, so next time you see me in person....please don't bring this up in our conversation! 

Ok, so I have always hated taking baths or showers as a kid. In fact I still do! I seriously just don't enjoy them! Maybe it's something about the feeling of being naked and being wet at the same time! But occasionally (like when I'm sick or when I just ran 2 miles) a shower is slightly more enjoyable. 
Anyway, so when I was about 8 or 9 years old....maybe even 10....I don't really remember my age at the time.  But when my mum would send me upstairs to take a bath or a shower I would just turn on the water and let it run for about 20 minutes. And then I would grab an Archie comic book and make myself comfortable on the toilet seat and just read away while the shower ran. After about 20 minutes or so I would sadly put my book away and turn off the shower. I would usually take a spray bottle, fill it with water and spray my hair down so it looked damp. 

Yep, that's my secret. But don't worry! I've changed! I still don't enjoy showers, but I take them much more often than I did as a kid! 

Peace Out! 


  1. Well that explains the odor... JK

    Secretively Todd

  2. WHO IN THE WORLD HATES SHOWERS!!!!!??? crazy stuff!

  3. con amor,


  4. hahaha. omigosh. i used to almost do the same thing. if i knew i was missing out on something that was going on in the other room, or if i wanted to watch tv, or really anything more exciting than bathing i would turn on the water dunk my head in. my mom caught on early so she would smell my hair to see if it smelled like shampoo, so id just spray leave in conditioner in it. now that i think about it, that was awful.

  5. Did you learn this from Adam? I used to catch him doing the same thing!

  6. haha too funny!! i used to do something similar with cough medicine. my parents had to force me to drink that stuff. i would sit on the counter and cry and cry. then they would finally leave and tell me that the medicine had better be gone before they come back. so i would dump it right down the sink. lol no wonder i was a sickly child. :)