Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 13: Birthday

Day #13: Blog about your favorite Birthday memory

This is kinda funny, because my birthday is actually coming up this Friday. My favorite Birthday would probably be my 19th, which was last year. So many amazing things happened on that day! 

1: The night before, my college friend Emily took me out for ice cream.

2: I came back to find that 15 people had filled my dorm room with over 300 balloons!

3: Then my college friends had a birthday cake (with PINK icing) waiting for me, including PINK candles! And they decorated the lobby with PINK streamers and PINK birthday balloons! I think it's safe to say that I have some awesome college friends, and they know me well! They know I love balloons and I love the color pink.

4: After morning classes I spent 2 hours coloring with sidewalk chalk with 5 of my closest friends! 

5: I go home! 

6: My WHOLE family takes me out to eat at Olive Garden! 

7: During the meal, my siblings give me a Birthday car. But not just any birthday card...this one was a 'Little Mermaid' themed birthday card...AND it sang! :)

8: After dinner, spontaneously, my two older brother (who happen to be my two favorite people in the world) took me to go see the new movie 'Avatar' in theaters! 

Here is a picture I have had on my phone for almost a year now! This gives you an idea of what my room looked like when I opened the door! Click HERE to read the whole story and see more pictures! 

Lets, just say that I slept well that night! I am so blessed to have an amazing family, and some really great college friends that make me feel so So SO loved. Hopefully they don't have any crazy ideas up their sleeves this year! :D  


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  1. this year's birthday is probably going to be a let down after your last year's one!