Monday, February 28, 2011


I'd like to introduce you to Betsy. She is the manikin living in the laundry room at my parents house. Not very many people know about her. We tend to hide her in the closet when we have guests over. 

Betsy is very boring, especially when neither my mum or I are doing sewing projects. So we decided to decorate her! We used lots of lace and some broaches! Right now she is wearing a skirt that my mum was currently working on for me! It's made out of a dress shirt that my brother didn't want anymore!

Here are some photos that got us inspired to decorate Betsy!

I love this floral printed dress form! 

 Here is a back view of Betsy as we started to decorate her! 

We just pinned the lace in place until we had her whole body covered.

And here she is finished! All the lace is sewn in place! 

And now she looks all pretty for the next time my mum or I have a sewing project! 

Peace out.


  1. this has totally inspired me to dress up dorothy.
    her lower half may have been demolished by little hands covered in peanutbutter.
    but i still love her.

  2. ahhh... i love it! so cute and looks like a lot of fun! where did you find the inspiration pictures the stuff on it is so cool! reminds me of which is a site you should totally check out if you haven't already. :)