Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Anne of Green Gables

Have you ever watched the Anne of Green Gables Series? If you haven't, then please watch this quick trailer so you have a small clue as to what I am talking about in this blog post! 

Ok, now you have an idea of what Anne Shirley is like, and what type of era she lived in. Remember a week or two ago my Disney Princess Party post? Well, even before the Princess Party, my bosom friend, Wendy and I had the idea of hosting an Anne of Green Gables Themed Party for the same group of girls!  

Party Details: 
Location: Green Gables, duh! Just kidding...it was a grassy hill next to a pond in the middle of a corn field!
Food: A home-grown, home-slautered, and home-cooked chicken, homemade bread, and of course homemade pie...I guess everything was homemade! We ate sitting on a quilt on top of the grassy hill overlooking the pond of shining waters...but it was SUPER windy, and everyone kept loosing their plates! We were going to make a pudding and put a rubber mouse in it, but that ended up not happening. 
Games: Croquet!!!!! 

This is the look Wendy and I were going for! We were the hosts, and decided to be Anne and Diana!

And this (below photo) is what we ended up looking like!

I think we pretty much nailed it! Wendy sprayed her hair red and found a fluffy blue dress! And I found myself a pink dress with a lace collar! 

I have never had my neck be so itchy for such a long period of time! You can kinda see the lace collar in this photo...but seriously, I'm so glad this was just a party and not real life because that dress was uncomfortably tight! And thanks to my aunt Jodi for letting me rummage through her hat collection to find one to match! 

I'm pretty sure you want to know WHERE ON EARTH I got that dress from!!! Right??? 

:) My parent's wedding!

We had a pretty small turn out at this party, but those who came did an awesome job with their costumes! We even had 'Gilbert' show up! 

Peace Out! 


  1. Oh. My. I LOVE this!!! We've thought of doing Anne & Gil for our Costume Party some year, but I don't think I could pull off Anne like Wendy did! And YOU made the perfect Diana!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. My dearest Diana,

    This delightful post caused my mind to be drawn into reminiscent thoughts. I believe, my dear, that all together to many days have past since we have had the oppertunity to converse with eachother from the depths of our hearts. Please telegraph when and if time allows.

    With all my love,
    Anne Shirley