Friday, January 21, 2011

Top 5 Reasons I Love My Mum...

#1: She taught me how to cook
I guess she's not done yet, because I still have lots to learn! Below is Pumpkin Spice Muffins...coming soon on Tasty Tuesdays! 

#2: She feeds my creative spirit
She has taken me to so many art shows, coffee shops, photography exhibits, art museums, flower shops, and antique stores! This photo (below) is taken in Madison, Indiana at an art/craft festival. 

#3: My mum is willing to take stupid pictures with me
Which is probably why she is my best friend! 

#4: She loves my art, no matter how weird it is!
As an artist I do some crazy stuff, and she gives me support and encouragement 100% of the time! Yes I covered my sunglasses with pipe-cleaners and wore them that way. 

#5: She is AMAZING!!!
She brings home a pint of Chunky Monkey ice cream and a Red Box movie just for the two of us. She makes an entire strawberry cheesecake just because I was coming home for the weekend. She will let me borrow her grey cardigan anytime I need something warm to wear over my black dress. Most of all, she lets me fly all I want, yet keeps her arms wide open for when I want to come home. 

I love you mum! 


  1. This is a really sweet post! You convinced me...she sounds pretty amazing :)

  2. I dont deserve such a sweet girl! Love you always, Mum

  3. how sweet. what a great best friend.
    your mother is so beautiful!!