Monday, December 6, 2010

My Marine

Yep. That's right. Mine. He's MY marine. All mine. He's stuck with me. We are blood related, so he can't get rid of me! Poor thing. Anyway, in honor of my brother, Adam, and many other military people that I don't even know...this is for you. 

My photography class was assigned to make a video with photos and a song. Our video was allowed to have a theme, or even tell a story if we wanted. I wanted to do something unique, and something that would change the world. Haha, I'm just kidding! Changing the world is number 14 on my to do list. But right now, I just wanted to express my feelings towards military stuff, so I decided to make my video over my brother Adam.    

I spent hours (maybe 6ish) researching sad war songs, listening to them over and over again to find the perfect one, convincing Adam to dress up for me, attempting to make him believe that it will benefit all of mankind, taking 182 photos of Adam (that's AFTER I deleted the bad ones), editing them all, attaching my favorites to a DVD program on my laptop, getting the sound to attach correctly, put them in the order that I wanted, and ....

BAMM!!! Bethany just created her first video EVER!

If your not up for a sappy video with a sad Nickelback song, then don't watch. But if you are, then please enjoy! 

Okay, so maybe the video doesn't exactly work. I'll fix it, and update this post a little later. Like maybe after finals. Sorry dudes. :(

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