Monday, December 27, 2010


This is Beth. My best friend. She is the other half of my brain. Whatever I forget, she remembers (for example: HER birthday), whatever I can't think of, she thinks of (for example: our secret handshake) and whatever I loose, she has an extra for me to borrow (for example: my sanity) . That's the way things work in our friendship. It's the best. 

We decided to go sledding because there was a full centimeter of snow on the ground! I guess you could have called it 'grass-sledding', or 'mud-sledding'.  

I don't think I have ever gotten more snow shoved in my face before this day. But it's ok, because I shoved snow back down Beth's coat for revenge. 

Want to know what happens when your sister secretly borrows your snow pants, and then leaves them at a friend's house the day before you plan to go sledding with your best friend? Your sister gets a black eye.  No, actually I was just forced to wear jeans. Not a good idea, because once the snow melted through....Brrrrrr.

Peace Out.

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