Sunday, December 26, 2010

Family Christmas

Our family's Christmas photo every year is more than just all plopping down on the couch and snapping a photo. Because two of us are away at college (Austin and I), one of us (Adam) is in the military, and another one of us (Heather) is actively involved in every single sport and social event on the planet, it took us months to schedule a day that all of us kids would be home! Not to mention the several hours of digging through each other's closets to find coordinating outfits! 

From Left to Right:
Me (19), Adam (22?), Travis (8), Austin (23), and Heather (16).

It's pretty sad when you don't know how old your siblings are. It's also really embarrassing when you introduce them like this: "And this is my twelve year old sister"...And then she kicks you in the shin saying that she's actually sixteen. Who knew?

My parents couldn't decide on which photo to send out to our family and friends, so we just ordered three different photos!

These next two photos are my favorite! It shows my good side.

I feel so stupid for being the only one wearing a scarf; but seriously, it was absolutely frigid out there. Just for the record, I don't have a good side.


So halfway through our 'photo shoot', my dad says, "Travis, your zipper is down!" Then runs up and zips it!  I personally think this should have been the photo to send out to family and friends.

Thanks for crashing into my world! Peace.

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