Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kings Island

In September, my college was having a blood drive...the catch? They were giving away FREE KINGS ISLAND TICKETS for those who gave blood. Did I sign up? Duh!?!?! (thats a 'yes'). Anyway, when I went to give blood, my blood pressure was out of whack, which gave me a really high chance of passing out. But the lady was nice enough to give me a free ticket since I at least tried! I was sooooo excited! I get a free Kings Island ticket for NOT having a giant needle stuck up my arm, and having 1/3 of my body's liquid drained from my body! That sounds like a pretty good deal for me! Except I had to go through the dreaded finger prick...anyway....on the the story of Kings Island!  

So, my roommate Lisa was planning on going with me, but she found out last minute that she had to work on the day that we had scheduled to go, so she gave me her free ticket, and I went with my friend Kathy. You may remember Kathy from my 'Bowling in Cincinnati' post a while back. Kathy is an amazing Christian, who is one of my closest friends down here at college! She actually left her city slickin' world behind for 3 days to come visit me for a weekend this past summer...animals that actually poop was a shocker for her. 

Whats so similar about our shoes?...they are both knock-off converses. But mine are the most coolest because irock (see the top of my left shoe). I hope you know I'm being sarcastic.  

The first ride of the day! Tons of fun! 

So I had this crazy idea while on this ride. I had the crazy idea of taking a picture while on the ride! I figured since I wasn't flipping upside down or anything, it would be relatively safe. So of course I did it! I got some pretty cool shots too!  

Un on the action! :)

We went on this swing ride. It was so much fun, I felt like a kid strapped into those yellow, red, and blue 'little tikes' swings. 

Next up? Bumper Cars!!!! One of my favorites! I had Kathy drive so I could take pictures, but I ended up getting yelled at over the intercom for having a camera out. :(

This ride is very similar to the 'sizzler' at my town's street fair. 

Kings Island has some very strange rides. This one hit the water, but didn't get any passengers wet! 

This one you had to be on your stomach! It was really awkward getting on and off, but once the ride was going, it was so relaxing. 

I think this is the record for the most pictures I have ever taken at an amusement park!

We found the gift shops!!!!!

What do you expect from young, reckless, crazy, independent college kids? 
Honestly, what did you expect?

I was so excited when I found this gum ball machine! I have no idea why, I just was! Gum ball machines are funky, unique, and colorful! I really hope they are still around when I eventually have kids.  

 Then, when I saw this....I got REALLY excited! I'm seriously not sure why, I guess gum ball machines just make me happy!  I think I kinda want one of these in my house someday. I think it would be funny to hide one of my kids inside of it, and they can scare their dad when he comes home from work! 

This thing is an exact replica of the Eiffel Tower, just 1/3 of the actual size. 
Pretty cool, huh? 

View from the top! 

Such pretty fall colors! 

Us again....

Then it was off to Steak N Shake! Mmmmm

My roommate last year always told me to "make good choices" every single day. I think this was one of them! Water instead of Dr. Pepper, apples and grapes instead of fries, and a grilled chicken melt instead of a steak burger.   

Want to know something stupid?...they charged me $0.59 for getting fruit instead of fries. Why on earth would you charge someone extra money for getting smaller portions and eating healthier? I'm warning food companies are a cult. They will soon take over Walmart and then China, and then New York City, and then the world. Don't say I didn't warn you.  

Do something crazy today!...ride a roller coster, eat a gum ball, or run across your college campus during a tornado watch (I actually did that today!) Oh, and make a healthy choice today, too! That always helps the day to go better! 

Peace Out! 

Oh, one more thing. I deeply apologize for anything sounding strange in this post. Below it says that I posted this a little after 1am; thats the time I started the post. You see, I was writing a 7 page paper, and a little after one I took a break and started blogging. But now its 4:38am; I am officially done with my 7 page research paper, and I just happened to decided to finish this post just because I have nothing better to do at 4:38 in the morning. 

Shhhh.....don't tell my mum!  

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