Monday, November 8, 2010

Travis' Birthday

This is Travis. My baby brother. Well, I guess he's not that much of a baby anymore. He's now 8. Eight. EIGHT!!!! I can't believe it. Just yesterday the baby crib was in my bedroom, and he woke me up every 4 hours during the night, and today he's a teenager. Well, almost. He will always and forever be my baby brother.  

Travis loves me so much that it was his birthday wish to come down to Cincinnati and visit me on his birthday. What a sweetheart, I know! So he, along with my parents, and little sister, Heather came down to Cincinnati on Saturday morning to visit me for the weekend. We went out to breakfast, and then to the Children's Museum on Saturday. 

Travis eating breakfast...

"It's MY birthday!!!!!" 

He is such a good artist! I keep telling him that when he grows up, he should come to art school with me. He always responds with something like this....

"I don't need to go to college, Bethany. I'm already good enough. Duh, you know this!"

This picture (below) looks so familiar. While he's coloring his head it tilted so much that it will cramp up and stay in that position. Also his tongue is on the verge of sticking out of his mouth. This looks so familiar because that's EXACTLY how I look when I'm drawing! Except for my tongue actually sticks out, and I start to drool after about 3 hours.  

He brought his birthday presents and cards with him, so that the 3 hour trip wouldn't get too boring! Check out this birthday cake!....

At the museum, they had a 'Natural Science' exhibit. There was a 'Trading Post' for kids to bring in fossils, rocks, and other random junk that they find; the people there will tell you what it is, and if it's valuable, they will keep it, and give you points, and you can buy other rocks/fossils from that store with your points.  

For some odd, strange, obnoxious reason....I love escalators. Yes, I know I'm weird. You told me this after you found out that I have a strange obsession for gum ball machines. But I do love escalators. They make such interesting photos. If I could, I would go to the mall, and spend a few hours photographing people on the escalators. I just might do know, for kicks and giggles, and strange looks. 

My family...well, half of them. 

For supper we went to Bob Evans, and they had finger holes in their menus!!!! I have never been so amused! 

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Peace! 

Daily Advice: 
Next time you draw...draw with your tongue sticking out. You will instantly become more focused. Oh, and encourage your children to become dinosaur hunters; it will keep them amused for years. Travis is living proof. 

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