Friday, November 5, 2010

Faceless Friday

So today is FRIDAY!!! As if you didn't already know or something, I just thought I'd tell you. Anyway...

This is Dottie Angel. She has a blog. A very nice blog, I might add. She is the type of person who knits, sews, and lives out in the country. She rarely shows her face in photos. Which makes her photos so much more interesting; it makes you observe her actions, and assume all sorts of crazy facial expressions that she could be doing! And on Mondays she has this thing called 'bench mondays', where she posts a photo of herself. Usually she is standing on some sort of stool, or bench, but sometimes not. Here are a few of her photos that I love! 

This photo (below) makes me want to live in her backyard. 

I love bibs! I totally want them to come back in style! 

After seeing Dottie Angel's photos, I was like REALLY inspired. Her quirky outfits, homemade aprons, and outdoor settings are just super cute! And my mum agrees! My mum also makes homemade aprons or gets really vintage ones at antique stores! So anyways, my mum and I attempted to take our own 'faceless' photographs of each other!  
Here are just a few of our attempts.... 

Mum and her trusty clippers...

Me and Tiger...

After this day, and forever more, Fridays will now be called 'Faceless Fridays'. I will (attempt) to post faceless photographs every Friday for the rest of eternity. Haha, just kidding! Maybe not for the rest of eternity, but at least for the rest of all the long pathetic hours I spend on this silly blog that nobody reads. 


  1. awesome pictures! I was really curious when you told me your hint was faceless..But now i understand! have a great weekend! love you!

  2. I read! cute idea! another reason to look forward to friday!

  3. Beth, I love you too! Thanks for being such an awesome friend and actually reading my blog! You're awesome!

    Rebekah, thanks for reading too! It really means a lot! I love your Friday posts too! Keep it up!

  4. i read your blog, too! i'd love if you'd keep it up till eternity:) LOL!!
    ~sarah q fiechter