Thursday, November 11, 2010

Faceless Friday

Yes, I know it's technically not Friday yet, but I have a very busy day planned for tomorrow, and I won't have time to post. So, for once in my life I am being an over-achiever and doing something ahead of time. Hmm...[light bulb goes off]...I should start doing that with my homework. Ha! NEVER! Besides, I would much rather be blogging than writing a five page analysis over some prejudice movement novel that I haven't even read yet? Amen. 

By the way, if you read my last 'Faceless Friday' post, you remember Dottie Angel and her 'bench mondays'. Well, I made a mistake...'bench mondays' are not from Dottie Angel, they are from Artsy Crafty Babe. Dottie Angel takes faceless photos ALL the time. I got them confused! Sorry!

Here is the second 'Faceless Friday' photographs! Enjoy! 


My mum...

I'm honestly not sure what captions to put with these photos. Most of you probably think, "Why would someone take a photo and purposely cut off their heads?" Some of you may think, "Oh, Bethany's an art major, she's allowed to have weird ideas." I don't know. Maybe this is a mother/daughter thing? Maybe this IS an art major thing? Maybe this is a thing that country bumpkins do when they get bored mucking out horse stalls? Whatever the sure is fun! 

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stoping by to read my blog! 

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