Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Squirrel Hunting

Ever since my beloved car Charlie took a trip to the car hospital for some very intense surgery, I have been sobbing uncontrollably. So my big brother Adam decided to take me squirrel hunting to cheer me up! What a sweetheart, I know!  

This is a gilly suit. Basically an old sweatshirt and pants covered in scraps of fabric and artificial leaves that have been glued and sewn on! Very itchy and uncomfortable...not to mention nearly impossible to put on! 


Don't we look like a couple of bushes?!? 

Photo below was taken on our way to our grandparent's woods. This is Adam's face when I told him that I didn't know what a squirrel was. 


I was determined to look like the most professional squirrel hunter in the history of ALL professional squirrel hunters.

We were walking towards the woods, when my grandma looked outside the window and saw us; she kinda sorta flipped out. She thought we were trick-or-treaters.  

Just incase you are wondering...This is how many squirrels we got: 

That's right....none. We saw some squirrels, shot at the squirrels, ran on foot after the squirrels, and climbed up a tree after the squirrels, but still didn't get any. I keep telling myself that it doesn't matter, and that it's the memories that count! And it's pretty easy to make memories...first off, your with Adam, so stupid things are going to happen! Second, you have rifles in your hands, and third...we were both dressed as bushes! Great memories are guaranteed to happen! 

Peace Out! 

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