Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Dog

Back at home on the farm, we have this dog. He's a beagle. A very fat beagle I might add. I'm not a HUGE dog person, but I still love him.  He's kinda hyper and likes to jump on your lap and lick your face. I prefer the kind of dog that barks when my ride pulls up in the driveway, and the kind of dog that will let me lay on its tummy for a pillow. Our dog is neither of those, but it's ok...I still love him just the way he is!    

 When people ask me what his name is, I usually don't know how to respond to the question. When we got him as a pup, us kids decided on 'Dusty' as his official name. A few years later, my big brother Adam was inspired by the name 'Murphy', and decide that Dusty was to become Murphy. Don't ask me why...I'm still clueless to this day! 

It doesn't matter which name you call him (Murphy/Dusty) he will respond to both! I personally think that we should just combine the names and call him 'Durphy' or else 'Musty'....I think Durphy fits him better. 

Yep! Durphy definitely fits him best!  

Dear Durphy, I am coming home this weekend. Yes, just for you. And this time, please don't greet me with a pig's spinal bone hanging out of your mouth that you found in the compost pile. Love, Bethany   

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