Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Goodbye Mr. Fall

Well. It's that time of year. Again. The time when the most beautiful thing disappears for five months. His name is Mr. Fall. He is Mother Nature's first born son. 

Mr. Fall always seems to come and go faster than any other season! Always. Last year I was so focused on adjusting to the college life, studying, and working that I completely missed Mr. Fall's visit. I blinked once and when I opened my eyes and saw that Snowstorm Man was in town; as if Mr. Fall had never came to visit me. You see, Mr. Fall and I go wayyyyy back. We have been childhood buddies since the '90s. Anyway, this year, I was determined to not miss him; and I didn't!  

Here are some photos from the past month.....

I couldn't decide which tree picture I liked best, so I just put them both in....

This beautiful path is on my campus behind the parking lot. Perfect for an evening walk with some close friends. 

The last three photos you just saw....You can only imagine how sore and dirty I was after taking them. And those are only three out of forty-four photos I took of leaves on the ground! Just saying.  

Dear Mr. Fall,
Thank you for being so beautiful. Thank you for showing the world the gorgeous colors God gave you.  Thank you for being so willing to allow me to torture you by jumping into enormous piles of your leaves. See you next year. 
Love, Bethany  

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