Tuesday, September 28, 2010


You probably remember Wendy from my previous post. Alyssa and I went to visit her and her husband, Joel this past summer. While we were there, Joel decided it was a 'take-your-wive's-friends-to-work-day." 

This is what we saw...

Awwww, right? Well, that depends on who you ask. Some people would say 'Aww, look! Its a cute cow! (my roomate lisa would say this), or some other people (like me) would say, "Aww, look! It's a giant slab of yummy meat! 

But seriously, these are the cutest cows I have ever seen! I guess I haven't really seen that many cows, considering that I live on a hog farm, but you get my drift. 

This cow seriously about ate my camera! No joke! 

Alyssa and I played with these cows for forever! If you would stick out two fingers, they would literately run up to you and attach their mouth to your hand! 
By the way...the brown cow in the back left...it's name is Bambi!  

I officially love cows. I have always thought that cows smell better than pigs. Have a great day! Peace Out! 

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