Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Busy Weekend

Instead of asking me what I did this past weekend, you should just ask me what I didn't do.  It seams I was constantly busy doing something, and I documented it all with photos! So hang on to your britches, as I take you through 3 days of my life back home on the farm in the matter of a few minutes, and 6 photos! 

This is my little sister Heather. Well, I guess she's not so little anymore....she just turned 16, and she is at least one inch taller than me! :( 
We hung out quite a bit this weekend: I beat her in basketball (Yay for short people!), we also had a small photo shoot! I'll be sharing those pictures sometime soon! 

On Friday, my mum and I went for a little outing. Just us two. We went thrift shopping, to some flower shops, and to a cafe/bookstore for lunch. At this flower/antique shop, they had some beautiful flowers out back, so I got lots of practice doing up close shots! 

My dad and I butchered a pig. Well, he did the butchering because I was too busy sleeping in till 7am. I woke up just in time to help him cut up the meat, bag it, and shove it in the freezer. Thanks go to my little brother Travis who took this photo and cut off my dads head.  I guess he was pretty distracted with the delicious meat on the back of the truck. 

 Speaking of my little brother...I got my first proposal this weekend! But it was from a 7 year old....but at least he gave me a flower! In fact a day or two before this 'official proposal', Travis had said something to me along the lines of "Well, who else am I going to marry besides you?" I'm not even sure what we were talking about, but it really made smile! I'm not sure why he thinks he has to marry his sister....I hope I don't disappoint him someday!  

My brother, Adam (the marine) thought it was completely necessary to teach me some martial arts on Saturday afternoon.  Lets just say I am so sore in places that I didn't know could get sore! But at least I learned how to get out of three different head locks! Yes, I said THREE DIFFERENT HEADLOCKS! I'm soooooooo prepared for the day I get mugged in a dark alley. 

Us kids took my parents out for their 26th wedding anniversary. They seem to be getting slightly 'cooler' every year....do you see those polka-doted shades? Way to go, mum! 

Peace out girl scout!...boy scout? 


  1. Hi Bethany, it was so good to meet you a couple weeks ago at church. I don't think i would've made it through the day without your help!! matt and i commented on the way home that you were such a gem and that we were so thankful you were there that day! Garrison obviously loved you! just wanted to say thanks!

  2. It was such pleasure to help out! I absolutely love kids, so when I saw that you had 4 I was thrilled! Bring your kids back to me anytime! Especially Garrison!!!!! What a cutie! Thanks for saying 'thanks', it was super enjoyable for me!