Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fun at Church

Attending church in Lexington means having a very small turn out.  On a normal Sunday, we have around 5-8 people.  But twice a month we have ministers from other Apostolic churches visit, bringing more people.  A few Sundays ago, Rebekah, her husband, and their four ADORABLE children came to Sunday services.  

Check out this cutie...Garrison, 8 months old. I got to hold him during lunch time and feed him his bottle! He actually tried feeding me back by grabbing my plate and dumping it on my lap! I also got him to fall asleep in my arms...awwwww.   
Heavy sigh...if I were 20 years younger, I would want to marry this kid.  But I guess if I were 20 years younger I would still be in my mother's womb. 

Just so you know, Rebekah is now among my list of 'Blogs I Love!' In fact, she actually commented on my blog very recently...this is what she said: 

"Hi Bethany, it was so good to meet you a couple weeks ago at church. I don't think i would've made it through the day without your help!! matt and i commented on the way home that you were such a gem and that we were so thankful you were there that day! Garrison obviously loved you! just wanted to say thanks!"

Thank you Rebekah for sharing your children with me! It was very enjoyable spending some time with them, as well as meeting you! 

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  1. hi bethany! so fun to see my little guy on your blog! thanks for the sweet words! we enjoyed getting to meet you! thanks again!