Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Marine Family Day

For those of you who don't brother Adam is a Marine. We traveled 2 hours this past weekend to go up to the base for a Family Day. 

Adam doing paperwork.

My mum sporting the military language its called a 'cover'. Isn't my mum so cute?

Adam teaching us how to load, aim, and shoot this gun. Not that I don't already know!

My dad trying out the big gun. Adam is standing to the left.

The photo below: I love it because he looks so focused.

My little brother is trying on this helmet that has a thermal detector attached.

My dad tried it out too! I love his facial expression!

Me paint-balling. Just for the record...I hit the target every time, and got several bulls eyes.  Adam has taught me well. 

Some other marines were explaining the use of the giant metal machines behind us. 

For this next picture I expect you to "Awwwwwwww." 

We all got suited up in bulletproof vests and helmets before going on a hummer ride. 

Travis and I in the back of the hummer. Travis likes to salute anyone and everyone when he's around marines! 

Mum, Heather, and Dad in the back of the hummer.  We are all ready to go!

Travis was all smiles! The two marines drove us around on this dirt obstacle course. 

We went over this HUGE hill going about 15-20mph. I loved my mum's facial expression! And trust me that was all her; nothing was posed!!!

They didn't really stay on the road. They were driving all around, running into anything!

The top dawg of the Marine base, Sargent WhatsHisName was giving a speech about the Marine Corp and everything they do. Adam is on the far left.

On the way home I decided to ride with Adam; He wouldn't even let me drive his car!  But he had a good reason; he said that I should sleep on the way home because I had to drive back to Cincinnati that evening. Anyway, I took this picture as we were driving.  But 10 mins after this picture was taken I noticed that Adam was getting drowsy so I offered to finish the 2 hour drive (he actually let me!) You have no idea how cool I felt while driving that car!

Have a great Day! Peace.

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