Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Logan's Senior Pictures

This is Logan. He is a senior. Duh, Bethany, thats what the title says! I apologize, I just wanted to clarify everything. 
Anyway, he wanted me to take his senior pictures. I was shocked by the way. I'm just a college kid attempting to be an art major. Nobody said anything about me and photography.  I happen to like fooling around with my camera. I happen to love taking pictures of anybody and everybody around me....in fact so much to the point as to where it annoys them.  But taking someone's senior pictures is a completely different story. That requires talent and a better camera. But I did give it a try. And below are the results. 

This kid is way to adventurous for his own good! Which made taking pictures much more fun! 

Logan turned out to be wayyy more photogenic than I had thought! 

I love this one! It's the "proud farmer" look! 

Thanks Logan for being so patient with me! I had a blast, and I hope you like your pictures! 

Peace Out.

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