Friday, September 10, 2010


This year I'm a sophomore at College of Mount Saint Joseph in Cincinnati, Ohio. Below is my dorm room. I'm sleeping on the bottom least for now! I'm sure my roommate Lisa will be kicking me out by the end of semester because it's quite the adventure getting to the top bunk!  First, she has to climb onto her desk chair, and then on top of the counter, and then she walks across the counter top, then climbs up the side of the bunk beds, and then jumps over the edge (without hitting her head on the pipes above her!), and then she lands on her bed safely! Well, usually its a safe landing! You see why she'll be kicking me out of the bottom bed by semester?  

We also have a futon in our room...which bumped us up a couple of points on the "coolness scale". We get lots of visitors and friends coming over because of that futon! Which is good and bad at the same time. It's actually very comfortable! We sleep on it all the time...either at night or for an afternoon nap!  

This is my roommate, Lisa! 

The photo below is taken from the counter top.  The walls are still pretty bare at this point, but don't worry, we have a plan...
2 Graphic Design Majors + Purple (Lisa's favorite color) + Pink (My favorite color)= 
but as you can see...we are in the process of actually doing something about the plan.

This is Evan. He is a Sophomore like us, and is Fine Art major. He is showing Lisa this new game app on his ipod.  This app involves pushing a stick man down a flight of stairs and watching him die. Awful right? Then why is my roommate smiling?  

You have officially crashed into my college life...or at least my dorm room. Have a great day everyone! 

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  1. hey!!! I am so glad that you got a blog! it is so creative looking! cant wait to hang out this weekend and ride roller coasters together! i miss you so much but im surviving...barely! at least we can talk for free and have unlimited messages! :) love ya so much bestie!
    btw i dont know why it says my moms name!