Saturday, February 14, 2015

let's catch you up!

it's been over a year since I last blogged. OVER A YEAR. 
that is super ridiculous. like absolutely insane. 
it's been so long that I hardly remember how to make a post! However, I'll try to share a few highlights of each month just to catch you up a bit! And from here on out I will try to do much better at blogging! 

January 2014
My boss decided to close down the business and I was going to be out of a job. But then at the last minute someone bought the company and re-hired me. Not jobless anymore. Yay!

February 2014
My first neice, Selah Rose was born! Now she's almost a year old because that's how pathetically lame I am at blogging. But the aunt life is treating me well, thanks for asking.
Also, I met a dude named Matt. He's pretty cool. You will for sure hear more about him later.

March 2014
The last few months were spent working lots of overtime at the stationery store. Lots of re-organizing, painting and designing our new lines of stationery. We had a Grand Re-Opening of the Store to celebrate our new owner! 

April 2014
I turned 23. Whoop whoop. Not much exciting. Just another day in the wonderful life of Bethany.

May 2014
I ran the Cincinnati Flying Pig Half Marathon. That is 13.1 miles people. Why did I sign up? I have no idea. How did training go? Training kicked my butt. Was the race terrible? Yes. Was I extremely sore for 6 days afterwards and go through 10 bags of ice and 2 bottles of icyhot? Yes. Will I do it again. Yes. Why? I don't know. I'll let you know when I figure that one out. 

June 2014
This is the month Matt and I started dating. It was a very exciting and interesting journey and I'd love to write a whole blog post sharing our story, but that will be another day! Also, my avocado plants started to sprout and grow leaves! I started off growing 9 plants, and I'm down to three survivors...Larry, Sunshine and Captain. 

July 2014
Went on a camping trip with my Bible Study Group. I also shot off some fireworks for 4th of July. Fun stuff. 

August 2014
Matt and I ran a 5k together. He does not like running. At all. But he suggested that we run a 5K together. And we did. And he was a trooper. And we both had a blast. 

September 2014
I switched rooms with my roommate in the house I live in, so I got to re-paint it! I painted 3 walls a fog grey color and the 4th wall was painting "cranberry splash" (a pinkish-coral color!) I love it! This month was also filled with about 3 million bridal showers for my friends. 

October 2014
WEDDINGS Weddings weddings. Thankfully I was only in two of them this month! And thankfully they were a few weeks apart. My roommate/co-worker Lauren got married the first weekend in October and then my friend from college, Courtney was married two weeks later. Both had beautiful dresses, colors, flowers, music, food and wonderful friends! It was probably the best month ever. Gosh I love weddings so much. 

November 2014
The entire month was filled with 99 trips to the mall to do Christmas shopping and about 14 mental breakdowns. 

December 2014
I became an aunt once again! Adlie Brielle was born a few days before Christmas! Lots of snuggling with her and LOTS of family time. Between Matt and I, we had 8 Christmas parties/gatherings to attend in the span of 6 days. We hit all of them. 

January 2015
Another year. And another list of resolutions I'm going to fail at. Here are a few: stop biting my nails, get a pet bigger than my fish, and actually use my gym membership. I have accomplished one of them so far...I'll let you guess which one. 

February 2015
So far we have gotten two new roommates (one of them being a cat). My niece Selah turns one very soon and my little sister is getting baptized this weekend! So much happy stuff is going on! 

I promise I will do much better at least I'll try to. Maybe that should be one of my new years resolutions haha

Thanks for reading! Much love! -B


  1. I'm seriously so glad you updated :) And I would love a post about this guy named Matt ;)

  2. Welcome back! How about some pictures?

  3. Finally -- great posts. Looks like you hit all the highlights :) Lots of good and new changes - about lost your job, an aunt twice, marathons, started dating, Matt, lots of weddings, hiking the Appalachian trail, break downs, moved, new roomates, and much more to come. Good post!! Keep looking up! love, dad

  4. Great to be caught up on your busy, fun life ! Keep up the good work !
    Love- Aunt Penny